True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 512. She has just been given her ID card…

…though that cold February day seems not so long ago. It was the day that I could experience perfection – the day when our second baby was born.

Our first one, Zsófi (Sophie) was born in hospital. But with our second child, having heard of Ági, we decided to try undisturbed and peaceful labour. The great months of pregnancy really were a peaceful time. We were free of all kinds of unnecessary medical examinations. We saw only Ági. I suspected that the birth would start later than the expected date as it had happened with Zsófi too. Back then we had to go to hospital and spend this period there. Fortunately, this time we could take our time.

It all started on 16th, around midnight. I was still breastfeeding the two-year one. When she was eating in the evening I felt that it caused stronger and stronger contractions. From midnight I couldn’t even sleep, so finally we called my brother to take us to Érd by car at a quarter past three am.

Ági and Edina got there very soon. Ági examined me and told us that the baby was likely to be born around eleven. I tried labouring in a bathtub, then I was walking, later I came across the huge, convenient armchair of which I didn’t come out until the end of the birth. This was followed by the hours of labour, the sunrise, quiet soothing conversations around me, candlelight, Gregorian music… more and more painful minutes, yet wonderful atmosphere. The aromatic, hot water compresses were amazingly relieving. I knew everything that was needed: how to move, what to do, what not to do so that it would be less painful. It was so good to listen to this inner voice.

It was a comfortable feeling, even if it may sound strange in such circumstances. I felt safe, and I can remember that there was no fear in me. I was able to let things happen to me. I had a feeling that Ági, having a special power, was able to see everything ‒ how the baby was, what she needed, how I was and surrounded us with endless tranquillity, patience and love. And the presence of Zsolti, my husband was so natural and reassuring.

As the morning was passing by, Ági was getting ready for the arrival of the baby. Just after half past eleven I needed to press, and with the final one my little baby suddenly popped out into Ági’s hand at 10.57. She was watching with her eyes wide open, and she wasn’t crying. The umbilical cord was around her left leg, so Edina unfolded it and Zsolti cut it. After that she was only with me, on my abdomen. Ten minutes later she was already suckling and she didn’t stop for a long time. After one hour we looked under the rug what sex the little newcomer was because grandma had already inquired about it on the phone. We saw that she was a girl – Boróka.

We were full of joy, peace and gratitude. This birth still brings back heart-warming memories even today. Memories that we couldn’t experience again. But that is another story.

G. A.

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