True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 1603. Home birth convert (the father of Hannah and Jodie)

For the next pregnancy, three years later, we signed up with a group of midwives who specialised in home births (which coincidentally, but not entirely surprisingly included the midwife who had delivered Misha!). I took an active part in organizing everything, much more than I had for the first planned home birth, determined that everything would go right.

We hired a birthing pool from a place in the middle of nowhere, where house numbers were apparently not required but would have been very useful. The pool was ready weeks early and served as a swimming pool for Misha and us over the weeks of waiting, adding to the sense of excitement. There was no sense of the dread on my part which had accompanied the uncertainty of the first birth.

HannahI still remember Misha’s amazed expression when he woke up in the morning and had his first look at Hannah who had been born at dawn. A perfect water birth, relaxed and stress free. The labour had been 20 hours shorter than with Misha.

And then, around the same time 18 months later, Misha and Hannah crept down the stairs to take a first look at their sister Jodie, also born in a pool.

I was a home birth convert – only problem being is that selling your house where your children were born would probably be just a little more heartbreaking. But we’ll hang on to it just a little while longer.

M. W.




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