True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 1188. With a little help of Jim Carrey (Ábel’s birth through his father’s eyes)

After the birth of our two daughters, we decided to break the tradition and accept the offer made by the doctor making the ultrasound to find out the intentions of our destiny. Destiny brought us a boy. Barbara was reading Áron Tamási at the time, so let his name be Ábel.

It was as if we made a promise that none of our children will be born at the same place. When the arrival of Ábel was getting closer, Ági was building a birthing house in Érd. Hurray, we said. The country finally realized that it should support this great and progressive practice. Well, as we know it, our joy came too soon.

Anyway the building was there and we waited for the birth there. It was a very nice house and we were there alone. We waited for more than a week, and we just waited and waited, but nothing happened. Ábel was in no hurry.

Only Jim Carrey was on our side. There was a DVD player in the building and even though it was not our style to kill time, we rented out a movie, of course a comedy, and Jim Carrey proved to be better than the clinical methods. From all the laughing Barbara felt like the birth will start immediately.

We will never find out if there is any connection between the mentioned video and Ábel’s humorous nature, but we made a call to Ági that night, that the time was here.

Everything was fine during birth and Ági called a very nice pediatrician, who could have been her worthy partner in the home-birthing movement, if all who chose this road would not have had to live in continuous threat. And unfortunately she could not take this kind of life, as she had to take care of her children. Not everyone can be a revolutionary. Ági was not interested in the threat. She was only interested in the birth. She hardly slept, she did not drive an expensive car, did not wear expensive clothes. She was always simple, beautiful and noble.

Ábel’s birth brought along another adventure. The paper work was never easy to arrange even before, but when I went to the office to announce the birth of my son and could not show the report from the hospital, the hell began.

“You want to say that the child was born at home?” – shouted the officer in front of the at least 30 other people standing behind me in the queue. The time stopped. You could feel the tension in the room. I asked the lady to call the manager of the bureau. She did not like the idea, but I insisted, so she called him. It was a scandal, but I finally managed to get all the papers.

This incident showed me what kind of great powers work against each other in the home-birthing topic. And I strongly believe that it is not only about the home-birthing, but much more.

K. Z.

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