True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 787. Budapest baby by candlelight

My daughter is now 12, we live in London but she was born in Budapest under the expert and gentle hands of Dr Ágnes Geréb. She was the third of my children, the others had all been born in hospital.

This birth was so different from those, I started off lying in bath as the contractions came, then Ági arrived and helped me onto the bed. There was candlelight and lovely music and Ági made me feel so safe and able, that I felt nothing but excitement. Ági expertly saw me through all the dilations and stages, she was calm and kind and my daughter was born and I have never felt so joyful in my entire life, before or since. That is not to say I wasn’t happy when my other children were born but the difference, between being in a hospital situation, and being in your own home, is immense.

The other children came in and saw the baby immediately and were able to connect with the fact that there was a new person in the house, which, if a baby is born away from home, is much more difficult to do. Thank you Ági with all my heart!

E. R-E.

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