True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 951. Alma from Őrség

Day 951. Alma from Őrség

I love reading all these beautiful stories. Thank You All, who dreamed it, keep it and write it. It makes distance and times disappear and unites me with You All.

Now our story:

A dream about my baby in New Mexico, USA, than we moved to Őrség (a region in the NW of Hungary) and for birthing shifted to Pest, for a week, to my girlfriend’s sublet. At dawn after the piano concert of György Szabados.

Storm, wind storm. The kind that brakes branches and trees. Quite bathroom with the light of one candle. Bathtub full of warm water, that’s where I was laying a while ago, in pain, waiting for time to pass. Ági was kneeling next to the tub, Kriszti sat at the end of the tub (I felt her kind presence). My husband cooked and served us warm, relaxing soups (like miso).

Whenever I had a big waive, Ági would touch my belly with a continuous circulating motion. To my amazement, the pain vanished each time. I was extremely thankful to her!!!

Now I am standing. I am indeed waiting, I am screaming, never so much and such loud sound left my throat before as if not me doing that. I really have to hold on to something now and really scream, it seems like. Craig has to be a giant rock now. I am grabbing him, screaming, meanwhile everything expending inside, and than Ági tells me I could touch the baby’s head now, just approaching. I scar sly reach down and to my sup prize I sense a tiny live warm top of a living tiny creature. This was the moment, I needed so bad, since hours of struggle and pain. Now trough the touch of this tiny part of my baby, we are together indeed, I feel. All I know is loving her, through this warm wonder. Nothing hurts anymore from here on, she is here!

She’ll just come out further soon. Indeed, she slipped out. “How beautiful! How Magnificent!”

I heard me saying those words. I felt extreme happiness. I held her in my arms and I knew it all happened, the birth, the miracle, and I am holding her being, this sweet soul. I love her and l love her. Meanwhile Ági and Kriszti of course took care of everything necessary, such as our cord, our placenta and settling into the bed from the bathroom… (They were like mothers tending to their children with reverence, to the very best they know. They felt to me, like the presence of angels could be, actually. Than I saw how the fresh born father is holding her, so gentle like a bird feather, in tears. Ági and Kriszti are writing something, doing things and I hold her again and we are resting making friends with the nipple. We say good bye to Ági and Kriszti.

The next day was very quite, only a big dog barked from the neighbors yard. I liked it, it was like a big dream all day.

We rested, Ági’s friend came to check on us, he was a Dr for children. He found everything satisfactory. We went back to Őrség, where we lived. We missed it a lot, so much nature there. The land missed us as well, grass grew everywhere up to our necks and our dog was nowhere. We found her after a long search. Which is another tale itself, she ended up in a far away village and she gave birth as well.

We got her home and we breastfed side by side in the warm sun under the plum tree for many summer days to come. Whenever she got tired of it, she just walked away, looking for something more dynamic to happen. I saw how different we were as mothers. I was very thankful to be able to be in nature within nature.

Our daughter is 16 now. Our son is 12 he was born also at home with the help of American midwifes, under water.

About my midwife, Ági and my doula Kriszti: They came without entering, they stayed in silence and left without leaving. I had sensations similar like this in my childhood around Christmas time. May be many people do not even sense that giving birth could be a possibility in such surroundings. And that is why we do not understand each other, when it comes to human rights. Of course, how could You know if You have never sensed it, lived it.

I am so very grateful that we were able to have Ági’s and Kriszti’s help, that they took such wonderful care of us, because without them, this entire experience would have been extremely different.

Thank You my dear Husband for initiating home birth on the first place, brought me books and encouraged me all the way. Ever thankful I am to my girlfriend, Gyöngyi who offered me her sublet in Pest for the time of birth. During that time she lived in a dormitory with her one-year-old son.

For All of You, who are ahead of giving birth, I wish You all the happiness and sense of freedom that we had.

With love:

H. N.

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