True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 999. To enunciate

During my previous pregnancy I’ve had problems with my gums, and that culminated during this pregnancy. A homeopath dentist said about it that I might have problem to say out certain things, I might brood on them or maybe just swallow them. This thought stuck with me till this birth.

I was really waiting for something to happen. I was over the measured time, and before I’ve never experienced this strange feeling: anxious, suspenseful and sometimes even desperate.

Then one evening it finally begun. I knew it is only the very beginning, but we remembered the previous births and my husband called Ági immediately. She arrived soon and everything what I felt till then, stopped. I felt embarrassed that she came for nothing, but she appeased me that every third or fourth birth is like this: it starts up and stops and so on. And reminded me for my previous birth…

Judit stayed in the car outside, Ági went home to sleep, and our older children went over to grandparents. We could go to sleep in total calmness.

After few hours it has begun again. It was slow and calm: every hour two contractions in a row, and I could sleep between them. At dawn the pain was so strong that my husband awakened too. Ági and the other midwife came back, but their presence in our room wasn’t good for me. They sensed it and left the room, so only two of us remained to labour, my husband and me.

And I labored with words that needed to be said. In my mind I framed and reshaped all the thoughts, all the good and beautiful things what I wanted to say to my husband, all which assembled in me during the years but remained unsaid. Maybe because I didn’t have the courage to say them. And he waited for the words patiently, and as they bloomed like flowers he kissed away each of them from my lips. Our bodies followed the curious rhythm of labour, we cuddled and held each other until the end of time.

We had time for sleep, then it came the sweet time for warm swathing. Morning passed by, then around midday everything gathered speed. However everything continued calmly and nicely, although also loudly. I could not believe that with only two pushes a baby can be born!

But our child was there with creased ears and a small sign of arrival, and was already a strong part of our elated company.

Each movement was peaceful and evident. As the respect what emanated from all movements. Honour for the mother and the newborn child, respect for life.

L. R. B.



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