True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 1186. The personalization of giving birth (first wandering of Moci)

Moci will be 18 this year and loves roaming, travelling and wandering. I could say hanging out. Well, this story with Moci also started this way, as if she wanted to show us the future.

We waited for the big moment, the arrival of Moci, in Göd in an empty house of our friend. But the days were passing by, already two weeks, and she did not come.

Then, on a snowy night, Barbara felt it was time. We called Ági. Ági said there was a small problem, as she was already with someone giving birth. Of course, we did not have a plan B. Why would we have it anyway? And Ági knew this, too.

After a short break we received a phone call and Ági announced, most naturally, that the people she was with at the moment, live in a big house and there is enough space for us, too, we can give borth together. The idea clearly excited Ági We were not so excited about it as we already imagined how Ági would come and we would have a nice, calm birth in the cozy winter snowing in Göd. But we were happy that we could still be with her and the situation was solved. What comes after this could easily be a part of an adventure movie.

Moci’s first wandering. Getting into the car, snowing, nighttime, slippery road, our destination at about an hour from us, highlands. No stopping at red light, car propellant, contractions condensing, silent stress. Mobile phone turned on the whole time, online connection with the host – now to the right, now to the left. At the end “you are in front of our house now”.

The house seems cozy, the hosts are nice, and we get a room. The two mothers in labor competition, nobody can know who will reach the finish line sooner. Ági is a bit here, a bit there. And she seems to be enjoying this. She is never working. This is not work for her.

I feel a bit like as if when we are expecting a baby and the time for giving birth arrives, as if our lives would get connected. But not like in case of anyone else, who you get in touch with by chance. But as if the giving birth would get personalized in her person. As if being born would come to life itself and she is the one who personalizes it. Anyway, her presence is reassuring.

Finally, Moci is born sooner. The joy is great, but also the exhaustion.

The host lady is at the peak of her labor. She has great pain. Shouts that she will die and she cannot take it anymore. I am scared. And then silence.

In twenty minutes I cannot believe my eyes. The family is eating together in the dining room, the baby next to the mother in a crib and they are eating poppy seed bread. That’s all about the fear.

We waited for an hour and then took Moci and went home to Göd. This is how Moci’s first wandering happened – the one she cannot stop ever since.

K. Z.


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