True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 1187: I wanted to control everything (Ábel’s birth)

We waited for Ábel in Érd, at the birthing house. We started our trip in the morning from my parents’ house, because the signs were very clear already. The process was very slow, so, to kill time, we rented out a Jim Carrey movie from a rental shop nearby. As we watched the movie, the dilation process got faster from all the laughing.

Later on we decided it was time to call Ági, but she asked us to wait, as she could not come, she was on her way to the projection of her exam movie. And she would watch the whole movie, so we should agree with Ábel to slow down.

Ábel waited nicely for Ági to arrive with Adél. Adél was the nice mother we gave birth with together at their house in Solymár and who later on assisted Ági as doula.

At that time we did not take part in any birthing preparation group and we did not really know too much about the whole process, even though we were expecting our third child. It was at Ábel’s birth that I actually realized how unprepared I was. I wanted to control everything whole the time, starting from my breathing, the position in which I want to give birth, etc. Ági of course tried to nicely lead me to surrender to this inner force, which – nothing to do about it – is greater than me.

After some resistance, I surrendered to this inner force even though all my illusions that I would “perform” a perfect birthing fizzled out.

Luckily Ábel was a healthy beautiful baby, and we were very happy to have him. After the placenta was born, Adél said a few – till this day very useful – intimate gymnastics techniques, which help restore the condition of our internal organs.

K. B.


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