True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 1235. Messiah

I have a dream…

Surreal. Unrealistic. A dream. “Whom did you give birth with?” “Five children with her, and one at her place.”

All three of us wearing red dresses. We tide the black curtains with silver ribbons. The world is opening. My children spread. They fear for me, but understand me.

The scent of birth. Beautiful, deep and pertinence lines of poems. Suddenly she looks at me and says: “You look the same.” That’s a key sentence. But suddenly she doesn’t look the same. Namely she does, only she has to stop for a moment. She has to process the things that were different before. She has to bar out the fear of others. For a while the two adults become three, those two who encompassed her. Her, who just let a new life through herself. Thoughts, questions and answers are there where she is, where she is from. She should be swung back to her own course slowly, that is what needs to be done. We know why we are here. We know what we are waiting for. I’ve never waited for a doorbell to ring so much. Or maybe once…

Finally! But no, it isn’t him who we wait for. It is not the messiah, not yet. Someone else was it, a good person. He leaves with a secret in his ears and happiness in his heart.

Time is passing, the room is fulfilling with patience. The baby is also patient. Only we know, again the two adults, what we are waiting for. She is somewhere else. Questioning if it is allowed, and if it’s allowed for her; if she is favored and is she really? We are cosseting her to help finding answers.


Finally the messiah rings the doorbell. I go with a smile to him, with joy, give him why he came for and let him go. He doesn’t know what kind of role he has. Just coming and going like a machine, four times a day, and sense nothing about reality. Unrealistic. Surreal.

The patience in the room becomes a touchable power right away; a power that, I guess, we get when we step out of the gate from this world… Before I always thought at this point: “Oh God, help us!” Now I have confidence that God is helping, He is with us.

And the baby slips into my hands in one moment! And everything stops, get stiffen for a while in the middle of movement. “A graced present that brings the past with it and foreseen the future.”

The newcomer then opens her eyes with an old wisdom and looks at the three mesmerized happy people…

“Whatever goo-oo-ood there i-i-is in this wo-o-orld…”

Véletlenül kiválasztott mesék.

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