True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 816. Birthday present (Ábris)

This is my story about my child’s birth. Life is a big director and so had happened to me. I did not plan having a child, but always thought that if life wants me to be a mom, so let it be. And one little soul had pointed at me saying: you’ll be my mom and right now. Desperation, fight with myself, with “destiny”, and then slowly calming down ‒ that was the beginning.

It turned out that I was expecting my baby alone; during the pregnancy I was alone, it was physically alright, but emotionally a bit hard. At the last month I felt very heavy and wanted to get over it, so I always told this to myself. And my baby listened, because on the 36th week I found myself in the hospital because contractions had begun. Then I realized that my baby started to come out because I wanted so, he listened to me… During the night I talked to him (I knew it was a boy) and asked him to stay a bit longer inside my womb, because if he comes early, we can not be together and in the hospital they make unpleasant things to him. The pain had gone and two days later I was at home.

I went to make a course about giving birth, and decided: I want to give birth at home. I asked two midwives and a doula to help me when the time comes, and they said yes. I also asked my elder sister (my other sister was also pregnant in the 6th month) and my mom to be there for me.

On a shiny Sunday in spring I woke up around 7 o’clock for contractions which were coming more often. First in every ten minutes, then very quickly in every five minutes. At 9.30 I called my doula to come, half an hour later she called the midwives because she saw that things were happening very fast with me. I trained in my brain to have a quick birth, didn’t want to suffer for long hours.

Around 11.30 the midwives arrived. In that time I started to be from quiet to louder and louder. I don’t have clear memory of this time. I remember the pain, some massage on my back, fomentation on my belly, and later nothing else: only the pain and the thought that I can not expend anymore…

At the last half an hour I was sitting on a birth-chair, my mom held me from behind, one on my side is my sister, on the other the doula, in front of me one midwife encouraging me softly. By that time I wanted to die a bit…

Then for a last big push my baby came out for once and in a second the pain was gone, my head was clear and surprised: “Wow, this is really a child!” He cried out a bit, was put on my belly where he made a poop on me. After ten minutes he was on my breast and half an hour later I cut the umbilical cord.

And why life is a big director? In this year, on the 25th of that month I’ve turned to 32 and on my birthday my son was born, named Ábris. He really came to me.

Sz. I.

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