True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 531. Between two worlds (birth of Boróka)

Day 531. Between two worlds (birth of Boróka)

This is the vernal equinox. I woke up this morning the same way as usual. At 8 am., I was planning the movies what I will watch during the upcoming nights while we are waiting for Boróka. I arranged with Ági that I will have a CTG at 11 am. at the Alma street and afterwards we left to the kindergarden with Zsófi. It was a beautiful, sunny morning, nice to have a walk. I already felt that I had contractions, but they weren’t too intensive. In the kindergarden we had the usual rounds with the moms. (“Are you still one?” “Yes, as you can see!” – but I had already felt that I won’t stay like this for long.) Arriving home I had my breakfast and hesitated if I should go to the birth center or should I tell them that they can come soon. Finally I left, I couldn’t have stayed at home. I took a bus, a tram, bought a banana in the shop… Meanwhile I had contractions. Regularly but not too strongly.

We didn’t finish the CTG. We stopped after 10 minutes. Ági just examined me and said with a smile on her face: “You will give birth!” She asked me where the children will be during the labour. We should start to arrange it, because she thinks that I will call them in 2-3 hours.

I left for home. I thought that I will arrive home by the tram as well, I still have strength. At the first corner I called Miklós to come and take me home. It took me half an hour to get to the bus stop at the end of the street, where Miklós gave me a ride. It was noon this time.

I managed to go upstairs. I was walking, commuting between the bedroom and the bathroom. I was swinging during all the contractions. It was good. It hurt, but bearable. Mom took Dani to Györgyi in the meanwhile. But I said goodbye to him.

Then everything changed. I started to sweat and feel more pain. Now we must call Ági! I went into the room and lay down a bit. I thought I could sleep a bit. Meanwhile I made a phone call but I only managed to say my name and : “Come!” I could have slept a few minutes between the contractions. Miklós was near me but I couldn’t really talk to him. I was laying on my side and I got into another world.

I held his hand and pressed during the contractions or bit the pillow and what I just found around and meanwhile I was swimming somewhere in the ocean. I was in water. I was a dolphin that is swimming in the water. Waves were lashing, sun was shining. I don’t know how much time passed this way.

There was a point where I felt that I was really waiting for Ági and the others. I cannot give birth without them. What if I called them too late? If they won’t arrive in time? Miklós was holding my hand and said that we were enough there. Everything will be alright. I calmed down.

I, the dolphin was swimming in the water and he was swimming around in a protecting way. A few contractions later came the first expulsive labour. Ági and the others just rang the bell that time. They didn’t even change just ran to me. They surrounded me with their provision. I couldn’t stand up already. So I stayed laying on my side. The baby was coming out.

The water which I was in became an eddy. I was afraid of being swallowed by it. I didn’t know what will happen if it sniffs me up. My perineum was burning meanwhile. It was fire and water together. Boróka’s head came out. I heared Ági saying that the water is clear. The intensity of my contractions decreased.

I heared Ági encouraging me to take my strength and push the baby out. But I didn’t feel my contractions strong enough. They were too small. Ági said again if the power comes again I should push the baby out. It was good to hear her, I was slipping in the eddy but the voice dislocated me. I felt small the next contraction as well, but I pushed, I believed that this much power will be enough. And it was enough. Boróka came out.

She was snotty and crying softly. She was out. She was small and beautiful. (With her 4 kg and 5 dkg she was our smallest birth-weight child). Ági cut the umbilical cord. Not much later Boróka was sucking already. Both the baby and the experience of giving birth was a gift!

D. Á.

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