True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 551. A Child for the Childrens’ Day

When my sister was giving birth to her first child there was no father there but there was the grandfather, the best friend and me. This was a very important, very determinative experience in my life. Before that I was frightened for months and towards the end I was dreading. When it all started instead of being scared I started waiting for the wonder to happen and I definitely knew that this is the one and only way ‒ the human way ‒ to give birth for me as well.

Six years later when my husband and me were waiting for our first child to be born ‒ the others thought that we were living “at the end of the world” but we think that we are living “in the centre of the world” ‒ in a small village quite far away from Ági’s. Ági told us beforehand that as longer the distance where somebody lives from them as surer that she would call them too early. That is what had happened to us as well.

They came in the evening and told us that this child would not be born before the morning. They asked what we wanted: should they stay with us or we wish to sleep until morning. We have choose sleeping. We felt safe knowing that we could count on them coming in the morning to help me giving birth.

I somehow managed to sleep between labour pains I would have laughed if somebody had tried to tell me this before at dawn my back really did hurt. Only my back and nothing else. During every single labour pain I felt that somebody should support me instead of myself.

We were talking to Ági by phone but I was still not sure if it was not too early to call them. That is why we did not asked them to come quickly, we said to them to come whenever it is convenient for them. Suddenly the pain in my back stopped and I definitely felt that my child wished to born. My husband phoned Ági to hurry up if they could. Later he told me that at that time he had realised that we would be alone.

I was on all fours and my husband supported my head and often my body as well. I was sure that our child wishes to be born very much but I felt that I was unable to give her birth until they arrive. And then we finally heard the barking of our dog and that was a real relief. In the next second Ági was somewhere behind me or under me and at that moment I could let her be born because we were the safest.

Our baby was lying on me it was wonderful to hug her slippery, warm, naked, small body. For an hour we did not know if it was a boy or a girl, it was not important at all. There was only the baby and us.

The three of Ági’s made a shield around us, they garded us, warmed us and loved us.

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