True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 533. Perfect (The true tale of Andris’ birth)

Posted on 2012. Mar. 21.

It happened 15 years ago. A week before the official date, towards the evening, I started feeling slight contractions. At first it seemed...

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Day 531. Between two worlds (birth of Boróka)

Posted on 2012. Mar. 19.

This is the vernal equinox. I woke up this morning the same way as usual. At 8 am., I was planning the movies what I will watch during the...

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Day 524. She has disappeared down and does not come back upwards (Réka Emese)

Posted on 2012. Mar. 12.

According to my calculations Réka’s time in the belly came to an end on Sunday. Until her birth we did not know if she would be Réka or...

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Day 523. This is how it opens (Viktória Csilla)

Posted on 2012. Mar. 11.

It was a beautiful experience, everything went smoothly, without any problem. The amniotic fluid began to flow on Tuesday contractions...

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