True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 523. This is how it opens (Viktória Csilla)

It was a beautiful experience, everything went smoothly, without any problem. The amniotic fluid began to flow on Tuesday contractions started and finished. This happened the next day, as well. Meanwhile we phoned Ági several times every day.

On Saturday at 5 pm. I told Ágoston to come into the room because I did not want to be alone. I expected diarrhoea, I sat on the toilet but in vain. I was quite sure about starting having the baby as my period always begins this way, too. I had contractions again and we phoned the midwives at 7 pm. and told them to come, Ágoston feels so. It sounds funny but HE said that in his opinion the baby would be born soon because I looked like that way. I did not feel so strong pain than I expected and I thought the baby would be born only the next day. The midwives started and we phoned them several times until they got here.

Everything happened so fast, I think we even forgot to offer Ági and the other midwife the home-made apple juice, however we wanted to. The atmosphere was very familiar when the baby arrived, the midwives were in the background and we (and the baby) did our work. Ágoston made the hot-water poultice for me.

When I felt that I had to push, he massaged my perineum and he was the first who saw little Viki’s head. “I did not think this was how the vagina opened.” ‒ he told me later and I asked him to tell me how it happened exactly.

Then we put the baby on my belly and she was crawling upwards! It was a great experience! I cannot compare it to anything!

I would not have thought that pushing out did not hurt!!! I felt it was stretching and tightening but it did not hurt! In my opinion it is like a wonder.

Then – I think – Ági told me to breast-feed the baby. (I could not do it very well, we had problems with it in a few days, too. She usually cried a bit those times but we luckily solved it soon. Now I can do it much better.)

After a short time the pulsation of the umbilical cord stopped, Ágoston could cut it, Ági showed him where.

The placenta did not want to come out by itself, I did not feel more pushing compulsion so Ági told me to try to push while she was holding the umbilical cord in order to prevent slipping back. We got over it soon, as well. Ági showed us what is what on it, we put it into the fridge and according to traditions we planted a tree on it. This is how Viki has got an apple tree in the yard front of our house. This year it bore apples.

Fortunately my perineum was not damaged. We went for our first longer walk when Viki was 6 days old. I tied her on myself and we took her to the port in Siófok. I did not enjoy walking so much, I felt my muscles down there.

Now I feel what being a mother is like. This little “Bogyó” produces such faces that I am able to watch her for hours. I could not fall asleep after her birth (9.30 pm.), I caressed and looked at her until5 am. Then I realised that I did not sleep at all. Ágoston was sleeping like a log, I think he was more exhausted than me.

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