True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 524. She has disappeared down and does not come back upwards (Réka Emese)

According to my calculations Réka’s time in the belly came to an end on Sunday. Until her birth we did not know if she would be Réka or he would be Levente. We prepared to have our second baby at home again as all of our results were OK during the pregnancy.

That Sunday at 5.30 am. I woke up because the amniotic fluid was flowing. No contractions. I packed the sanitary towels and the paper waddings then I lay back. In the morning I phoned the midwife and informed her about the events. I told her if this birth would be like the first one, we wait for her on Wednesday.

In the afternoon I sat in front of the computer to write G. Ági that this baby started the same way as Viki did but Ági prevented me. Her letter was waiting there with questionmarks, she wanted to know what the situation was with us. It was a very good feeling that she had thought of us.

Trickling amniotic fluid and taking my temperature all day and contractions at night. This happened next day and on the third day, as well, just like with our first baby. The only difference was that the contractions were stronger and more amniotic fluid was flown away.

After three days, on Wednesday we went to NST then I planned sleeping for the afternoon since I was quite exhausted because of the night contractions. It was not really successful because as I lay down, I was woken up by the contractions in every 15th-20th minute.

Around 6 pm. Viki – our elder daughter – crawled on my neck during a contraction and this was a very bad feeling. I told her not to do it again. “You should go to grandma’s house, she can play with you, read for you since now I cannot deal with you, I need Daddy.” – I said.

There was no problem, luckily she started to the other house without any delay because we talked about it earlier many times. Daddy escorted her.

Then we watched how often I had contractions. Every five minute. The previous night I also had contractions in every five minute for an hour but later they came to an end. We noticed that fortunately we did not tell the midwife to come in the middle of the night in vain. But now we decided to tell her to come. It was only 7 pm., we do not wake her up. We had been in labour for several days then, the baby might be born that night. I phoned her and asked her to come. She promised to get ready and start.

And then it seemed the baby had decided to come. The events happened so fast that I cannot remember exactly how many times we phoned the midwife. Somehow the pains had changed, they became more determined. I wanted to embrace my husband and I needed the hot-water poultice.

Then grandma and Viki knocked at the door, they wanted to ask what to do because they got bored with playing. Luckily we locked the door in time so they could not come in. My husband ran out between two pains and told them that in our opinion the baby would be born today. He also said that we had already told the midwife to come and we would like Viki to stay in the other house. They went back and until the next pain my husband had enough time to gether the small lamp, the lighting teddy bear, the green teddy bear, the little mouse, the chicken and Viki’s pijamas into the small blanket. These are essential accessories for sleeping. After another pain he grabbed the blanket and ran to grandma’s house and he just got back by the time I had another pain. Fortunately we already spoke to our daughter about all these things and she was very keen on sleeping with grandma since this was the first time she did not sleep with us.

When I asked for the hot-water poultice, we phoned the midwife again and she said: “It is sure that I will not get there in time so if you are uncertain about anything, phone the ambulance.” Later I did not ask for hot-water poultice either, I asked my husband to sit at my bottom part because I felt I had to push. (Here we also phoned the midwife.)

Then the best part of the „four-day” childbirth arrived! After the unpleasant and finally painful contractions the pushing-out period came. I felt like I had to go to the toilet very much. Here I needed strength only, it was not painful. Now, during the birth of our second baby, I had strength to watch what was happening to my body meanwhile. This was the most interesting part. In connection with Viki’s birth I can remember only the feeling, which was the same but now I could see what my body was doing.

When I felt that I had to push, I did, and meanwhile I was watching my belly, I even held it with my left hand and I felt it was not where it used to be! Then the pushing compulsion stopped and my belly came back. I asked my husband if he could see the baby’s head? “Not yet.” – he answered. And this happened again and again, I watched how my belly disappeared every time. I felt it lower and lower down inside, I thought the baby was coming out but it came back. At these pushings my husband told me that he could see its hair, at the next one he could see more hair. Then he told me that half of its head was out, so it was sure the baby would slip out, he told me to push if I could.

I did not have to force it, it was so natural and the slipped out. I felt that it disappeared down there and did not come back upwards. We wiped and covered the baby quickly, we did not want it to be cold. The light was not on now, we have already switched it off as Viki cried because of it when she was born. The umbilical cord was not wound on the baby as it was at the birth of our elder daughter… We watched these things, we did not even look at if the baby was a boy or a girl. Then we phoned the midwife who had not left Budapest yet but luckily she was coming to us.

Then my phone needed charging, it was being charged when my husband called the midwife back and asked her what esle to do. Right after it he phoned G. Ági and told her the baby was born. While my husband was speaking to the midwife, I felt pushing compulsion again and the placenta came out as well. (At Viki’s birth it did not come out, Ági helped me with pushing it out.) We checked the calling times that is why we know that Réka was born at 8 pm.

I was fed up with lying there and we phoned the midwife once again and asked her if we could start cleaning up around us. We handled the placenta with care, my husband put it in a pot next to me and changed the paper-sheet under me. Finally the midwife arrived and helped us with arranging things. She gave the scissors to my husband in order to cut the umbilical cord and she promised he would be appointed honorary „midwife” (midhusband) as he was the person that both of our children saw first.

Then the midwife asked me to drink some fruit juice, get up and take a shower. It was an interesting feeling, I felt dizzy however I was completely well in the bed until that time. After it I lay back, we delt with the documents for a while and the midwife left.

My husband went to grandma’s house to see if they were already sleeping. They were so they first saw little Réka only in the morning, who was dawdling between us under the duvet all night.

L. E.

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