True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 717. Arrested (as told by Eliza’s Dad)

Posted on 2012. Sep. 21.

All four of our children were born at home. This was J’s well considered decision, and I for myself did not think ‒ 12 years ago, when...

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Day 716. Nightmare (Eliza)

Posted on 2012. Sep. 20.

Two years later, in May again, for the fourth time, we had a girl. But then, nothing happened the usual way with her. After my two losses...

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Day 713. The first loss – at home

Posted on 2012. Sep. 17.

I made the test exactly on the 6th birthday of Simon, on a Thursday which was the same sunny, warm May as he was born. So, the test: the...

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Day 709. In peace (The birth of Dóri)

Posted on 2012. Sep. 13.

From the 38th week on, I was very antsy about the birth. On the day when I finished week 39, I decided to harvest strawberries in the...

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