True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 1188. With a little help of Jim Carrey (Ábel’s birth through his father’s eyes)

Posted on 2014. Jan. 5.

After the birth of our two daughters, we decided to break the tradition and accept the offer made by the doctor making the ultrasound to...

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Day 1187: I wanted to control everything (Ábel’s birth)

Posted on 2014. Jan. 4.

We waited for Ábel in Érd, at the birthing house. We started our trip in the morning from my parents’ house, because the signs were...

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Day 1186. The personalization of giving birth (first wandering of Moci)

Posted on 2014. Jan. 3.

Moci will be 18 this year and loves roaming, travelling and wandering. I could say hanging out. Well, this story with Moci also started...

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