True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 757. You have to do something! (Panna Napsugár)

Posted on 2012. Oct. 31.

I conceived my second child a bit earlier than planned, but we accepted that she would like to come. During my pregnancy I constantly felt...

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Day 756. Good progress (Benedek)

Posted on 2012. Oct. 30.

I first learned about homebirth when I was 19 and ran a volunteer camp for foreigners in the town of Szeged, where we organized different...

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Day 731. Online (Janka)

Posted on 2012. Oct. 5.

We were not planning to have any more kids; our family was perfectly complete with three boys. However, I had difficulties accepting that I...

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Day 730. “Here I am!” (Artúr)

Posted on 2012. Oct. 4.

We were expecting Artúr to be born by the end of August. As Ági has her annual holiday in August we thought that somebody else would come...

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