True stories about birth and giving birth

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Day 1242. The sixth (Once upon a time…)

Posted on 2014. Feb. 28.

This story does not begin like the others. Not so and not then, but weeks and...

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Day 1235. Messiah

Posted on 2014. Feb. 21.

I have a dream… Surreal. Unrealistic. A dream. “Whom did you give birth...

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Day 1188. With a little help of Jim Carrey (Ábel’s birth through his father’s eyes)

Posted on 2014. Jan. 5.

After the birth of our two daughters, we decided to break the tradition and...

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Day 1187: I wanted to control everything (Ábel’s birth)

Posted on 2014. Jan. 4.

We waited for Ábel in Érd, at the birthing house. We started our trip in the...

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Day 1186. The personalization of giving birth (first wandering of Moci)

Posted on 2014. Jan. 3.

Moci will be 18 this year and loves roaming, travelling and wandering. I could...

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Day 1159. I can give birth as well if you let me (Lucus Mucus)

Posted on 2013. Dec. 7.

It is two am. A light cramp wakes me and I need to pee. I go to the loo and...

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Day 1158. I didn’t plan this, I didn’t want it like this (Bogyo’s arrival)

Posted on 2013. Dec. 6.

I stopped working one month before my due date. I was really looking forward...

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Day 1084. Fought like a hero (Levente’s birth)

Posted on 2013. Sep. 23.

It was long ago but true as the evidence is here until today in whole and...

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