True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 391. Green light (The birth story of Hanna)

It was a beautiful, sunny winter day, already 15 degrees in the morning hours. The previous day I had had a CTG examination where I was told that based on the contractions the birth is expected to start in one or two days. When I woke up that morning, I felt it in my gut that this will be the day. In the morning, I had a nice walk with Andris in the nearby forest. I had contractions in the last couple of days and they were becoming more and more regular. The sun was warming nicely, we stopped during the stronger contractions, I hugged him and leaned on his shoulder. The rest of the day was uneventful, the contractions did not become stronger or more frequent, and I almost forgot how sure I was in the morning about the birth of our baby girl.

At seven in the evening we had dinner. I was just eating and eating. First something warm, then cold, then salty, sweet and again something salty… Meanwhile, Andris went to bed. Around 11 pm. I stopped eating and followed him. By the time I found a comfortable position – which was not easy in these last days – the first contraction arrived. It was not the usual predictive contraction, but a real “now-I-want-to-get-out-of-here” type. I woke up Andris and we started checking the time. First it took 10 minutes and later five minutes between the contractions. We got quite excited and called Ági at 11.30 pm. Her voice was sleepy but very kind and we agreed that she and the others are leaving right away.

When Ági and the other two helpers arrived, I was sitting on a ball and Andris was massaging my back, which hurt badly. We moved to the bedroom where Ági examined me and estimated the cervix to be 6 cm wide. Afterwards, the contraction became stronger, radiating to my sacrum. I lay down on the bed hoping I can relax there, but I could not stay there, so I started walking, which was not good either.

Ági suggested taking a warm bath. The water was not too hot, but the warm and humid atmosphere was chocking me. So I left the bathtub. I really had to pee so I sat on the toilet and did not leave as it was so comfortable. I could stretch my back, my legs were free from the weight and I was able to stroke my belly between two contractions. I was so relieved to finally find a “comfortable” position.

Ági and the helpers mixed oils and prepared a hot compress for my belly. Ági massaged my upper and lower back. Andris was on his knees in front of me, I could cling to his neck during contractions. In the breaks, I was just holding his hand and got lost in his eyes. I have no idea how much time passed, but it seemed to be very long. I just realized afterwards that Ági was squatting in the approx. 40 cm wide space between the toilet and the cupboard while continuously massaging my lower back for hours.

I have never met a person with such humility towards his/her profession like Ági. Pure energy radiates from her, which gives you the ultimate calmness during childbirth. Every move of her has a calming effect, you know that everything she does is for you and for your child, you are both safe. She does not intervene unless necessary; she does not give orders just states the facts and suggests solutions.

Ági said that I should leave the toilet no matter how comfortable it is because the last stage is close. We moved to the baby’s room and I wanted to sit down on a huge and comfortable armchair. I almost went mad from pain when I tried to sit down. When I was a child, I broke my sacrum in an accident and it healed improperly. During everyday life it did not cause any problems, but at this stage of childbirth it brought forth unbearable pain when I was trying to sit or lie down. Again, the inventiveness of Ági and her helpers solved this situation. They brought two chairs from the kitchen and placed them underneath my legs so I was able to sit but my sacrum was in the air so the excruciating pain stopped.

Ági checked the baby’s heartbeat from time to time. Quite a long time passed like that until she said that we are a bit stuck. For some reason my cervix was not dilating so I had to lie on the bed and wait through a couple of contractions on my right and then my left side and finally on my back. I am certain I will not ask for this feeling next Christmas, but it helped my cervix to open. We were finally at the finish line. I was clinging to Andris, half sitting, half standing. Ági was checking the heartbeat and the baby’s position in turns, while Évi, who was studying to be a midwife, massaged my perineum with oils, and the second doula changed the compresses on my belly. They were constantly encouraging me, telling me how great I am doing, how close we are and that it will soon be over.

Ági suddenly said: “I can see the hair of your baby”. An indescribable feeling came over me, and I started crying. They said it is very important not to push with the next contraction because my perineum can tear, but on their command, I should push with all my strength. I didn’t have to wait a long time, although it seemed to be very long since it hurt so much. Then I got the green light to push.

One or two crazy pushes….

We cut the cord, I gave birth to the placenta, had some reparation stitches etc., but who cares when She was finally there.

She was beautiful, spotless, not even a wrinkle or swelling, but pink skin and blue eyes. She was quite grumpy, probably because she was already hungry. Despite some clumsy moments, in the end I somehow managed to put her on my breast. She became quiet, smiled satisfied and pooped a huge load onto my belly.

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