True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 552. The first sprinkler of Easter

Three years later when my son was about to be born I was not afraid of giving birth any more but I was scared to hurt my daughter’s feeling. Before that day she was never without me more than one or two hours. We organized and prepared everything, we tried to help our daughter to prepare her soul.

It was Easter Sunday, and I was having my less painful labour pains being together with my family. Even my husband did not notice them. When we were finally left alone, I phoned Ági’s to make sure that they knew about us. At midnight our friend came to take our daughter with her. We let her sleep as long as we could and then we said goodbye to her. That situation (that she was woken up and taken away in the middle of the night) seemed absolutely normal to her, and she continued her sleep in the car towards Budapest.

My husband and I prepared everything and we went back to sleep as we did last time when our first child was born. The labour pains were not so hard this time and I thought that with each and every one I went closer and closer to my son’s birth, that helped me. It was much faster then the one before and I was secretly hoping that we could be alone until the last moment like before. And it really did happen again. Ági has arrived at the sliding back pains because we did not tell them to hurry.

When the sun rose our son was born. Soon my daughter was taken home as well and we lie down on the bed to have a rest after a very busy night. I was not tired I was taking pleasure to look at my two children lying beside me: my big daughter and my small son. I am unable to describe the peace that I felt that time.

Undisturbed, in peace, in complete intimacy and happiness my family have grown: we had two children.

D. A.

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