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Day 379. Körtéfa, körtéfa (my son, Lackó’s birth)

Day 379. Körtéfa, körtéfa (my son, Lackó’s birth)

One day of week 39 at seven I had irregular contradictions started. At half past I phoned Mum to come home from the holiday house and take the kids. I also informed the midwives that the labour had started. Half an hour later I asked them to come. Laci and the kids went to the corner shop to buy a cocoasnail, which is a kind of tradition when I’m in labour. At that time the contractions were five minutes apart.

My parents, the midwife, the doula and my husband with the kids arrived at the same time. The big boys (three years old, and eighteen months old) left with the grandparents, the midwives put some protecting cover on the bed, made a poultice, gave me a massage, brought in the labouring chair. During dilation I was sitting on it with my legs spreader, bending forward. When the cervix had thinned out, I lay back into Laci’s lap. During delivery I couldn’t feel the urge to push for a long time – the baby was somewhere in the bend. I was singing the old song “Körtéfa, körtéfa”. Is it going to be Lackó’s song?

After a while he must have got over the bend. Before that I was at 13 km, and later at 15 km of my 20-km distance. (I used to be a long distance walker, and now I was getting tired like during a race.) By then I had to push – 18 km, but I couldn’t say it because that hurt a lot. During the contraction 19 km, 19.5 km, his head is out! The last push, and the baby was out!

The midwife was talking to him. He didn’t cry, I had him in my arms, a bit later he was whimpering a bit, but he was calm all the way. Soon he started to eat and he wouldn’t stop. I ate two cocoasnails, had a drink, and with Laci we admired Lacika. The placenta was delivered, it was nice and intact. The midwife said some useful things, then they said goodbye and left.

Laci tidied and cleaned up, we had lunch and I had a sleep with Lacika. The brothers got home in the evening. Szabi ran into the flat looking for Lacika immediately. He admired the little one. Máté kissed him on the face, caressed him, put his fingers into the baby’s mouth. They were so sweet. My parents looked at him, and then went home.

During the night the baby woke up five-six times, sometimes I fed him. Máté got up once or twice too, he came to Lacika and caressed him.

It is good to be together!

Sz. I.

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