True stories about birth and giving birth

Day 816. Birthday present (Ábris)

Posted on 2012. Dec. 29.

This is my story about my child’s birth. Life is a big director and so had happened to me. I did not plan having a child, but always...

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Day 811. A completely different way

Posted on 2012. Dec. 24.

In medias res: when I was expectant with my fourth baby on one day early in the morning I wrote the story of my first baby’s birth (Day...

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Day 810. Ground down

Posted on 2012. Dec. 23.

It’s been years but some moments of it still haunt me. When the idea that I might be having a baby first occurred to me I didn’t dare...

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Day 806. Giving birth in the style of butterfly stroke (Bendegúz)

Posted on 2012. Dec. 19.

The yellow rose had opened. That Tuesday was passing quietly. Attila didn’t wake up until late in the morning. I got on well with my...

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